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Mendel Centenary Congress - Mendel, Meiosis and Marker on March 7-10, 2000, at Brno, CZ


A High-Level Scientific Conference in the field of crop plant genetics and plant breeding has been invited into the city of Mendel, Brno, CZ, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Rediscovery of the Mendelian Laws in 1900. This unique event of science history started the booming science of genetics and opened up the biotechnological century with its excessive advancements in plant breeding, food technology, medicare and even human genome analysis. The Mendel Centenary Congress MCC-2000 shall review the present state of this scientific field, present new experimental results in the research work of Central- and Easteuropean crop geneticists, strengthen international scientific discussions, initiate and promote cooperations between active researchers and, last but not the least, provide a platform to young scientists from all countries concerned to present their own results and enter contacts within the scientific community.
One of the most attractive fields of modern molecular genetics is crop plant improvement, where recombinational DNA techniques are increasingly utilized worldwide for the benefit of an expanding human population. It is the connecting lines between classical Mendelian methodology, molecular genomic analysis and crop character development control, which will be traced in the proposed High-Level Scientific Conference subtitled: "Mendel, Meiosis and Marker".

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Type of Event: Large Conference
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