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Particle Physics and Gravitation


This conference series on Particle and Gravitation aims at an audience of European and non-European research physicist working on front-line problems in basic research, notably the general areas of elementary particles, gravitational physics and cosmology. This series will consist of two conferences, each on with its own focus, covering the recent theoretical developments, both technical as well as conceptual, towards the unification of all fundamental interactions in nature. New ideas have been proposed in recent years, which have the potential to revolutionise our understanding of fundamental physics and cosmology. These have been mainly tested in the context of super symmetric theories, which are a key element in all unifying theories of the last twenty years, and in particular string unification. Further development or application of these ideas has already started triggering new ways to address the difficult problems of physics beyond the standard model and quantum gravity and much more is expected to happen in coming years.

The first event, "EuroConference on Quantum Fields and Strings", will focus mainly on the new ideas of duality in supersymmetric theories and gravity, together with some selected important applications to black hole physics, and put in perspective our current understanding of the non-perturbative aspects of fields, strings and other extended objects. An important ingredient will be the recently discovered interplay between gauge theory and supergravity. The second event, "EuroConference on Supersymmetry, Gravity and Quantum Cosmology", will focus mainly on phenomenological applications of the ideas above with emphasis on beyond the standard model particle physics, gravitational physics, cosmology, as well as the structure of space-time. From the focus of the two meetings, it is obvious that two conferences in a series are needed in order to cover all topics of current research in the area of theoretical particle physics, gravitation and cosmology, while maintaining a big scientific impact for each one of them.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Kolymbari, Crete