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3rd Euroconference on "Magnetic Properties on Fine Particles and their Relevance to Materials Science"


The main objective of this EuroConference is to bring together some of the keynote Community senior scientists and young researchers working in the topic of fine particle magnetism. Magnetic fine particles and related materials (nanostructured and nanocomposited systems) are constitued by magnetic entities of nanometric size, which present new magnetic phenomena (unusual property combination and both enhanced and diminished values of the magnetic properties, with respect to conventional bulk materials). This complex behaviour is related to the importance of size effects, surface properties, shape distribution and interactions among the variety of magnetic nanostructures embedded in the composite material.
As a result, an enormous breaktrough has been achieved in the recent years and it is foreseen that technological applications of magnetic nanomaterials will be achieved in the short and mid terms, in the fields of, for example, ultra-high magnetic information storage (flexible and hard recording media, and read-write heads), magnetic refrigeration, permanent magnets, magnetic sensors, new catalysts, and medicine and life sciences (diagnostic and therapeutic tools in, e.g. drug targeting to tumour cells and magnetic resonance imaging). Besides, the development of nanofabrication techniques offers new capabilities in the manipulation of material structures and properties, opening new ways for tailoring magnetic materials and devices.

This EuroConference will cover the state-of-the-art of almost all relevant aspects of this multidisciplinary (physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, biology and medicine) topic: (i) new preparation techniques; (ii) the very latest experimental results and highly-sophisticated experimental techniques; (iii) theory and modelling, and; (iv) technological applications in materials science and biophysics. This meeting is thus aimed to promote the scientific and technological European culture and, consequently, to keep pace with the technological records of USA and Japan in the new era of the information society.

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