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The International Conference on Functional Electrical Stimulation, IFESS2000


OBJECTIVES The conferences of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society focus on the state of the art, the assessment of new achievements, and the discussion of the future goals in various applications of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for the restoration of motor function and sensory function of individuals with motor disabilities. A strong emphasis is placed on multidisciplinary approaches, clinical applications, and the functional benefits of assistive devices in terms of quality of live and social participation of the disabled.

CONTENT: The topics of the scientific programme can be categorized into three groups: 1) Clinical applications; 2) Analysis of the biological system involved; 3) Methods and technology. Clinical applications and commercial devices can only be developed when progress is made in our knowledge of the biological systems involved, and on new developments in the methods of control and the technology of appropriates sensors and actuators.

The sub-topics of the programme fit in those three groups as follows: 1) FES for upper extremities; FES for lower extremities; Respiratory function; Bladder, bowel, and sexual function; Myoplasty; Therapeutic use of FES; 2) Gait, posture, and motion analysis, Muscle fatigue, biomechanics, Myoplasty; 3) Stimulation technology; Sensor technology; Control strategies. Two other events are held in conjunction with IFESS 2000. A pre-conference course in "Motor function and CNS Injuries" and a post-conference workshop in "Neural Prostheses: Motor Systems". These two events are financially independent of IFESS 2000.

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