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CAA 2000: Computing Archaeology for Understanding the Past


The main objective of this project is to support young researchers and scientists to participate at a conference. The conference will focus on the presentation and discussion on current advances in the information sciences, which enable more effective analyses, management of the cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on archaeological heritage. The conference will be organised by the Computer Applications in Archaeology (CAA) and the Union International des Sciences Prehistorique et Protohistorique, Commission IV (UISPP) committees. This will be the first joint conference of the two most important groups dealing with the promotion in formal sciences in archaeology. UISPP is one of the main partners of UNESCO in the protection and management of the cultural heritage whilst CAA has been active in this field for nearly 30 years.

The focus of their activities is the exchange of information and the advancement of methods for the analyses, protection and management of the cultural heritage and archaeology. Advances in information technologies have enabled new means of data gathering through remote sensing techniques, storage and manipulation of sites and monuments databases, complex analyses using statistical approaches and geographical information systems, modelling and presentation using virtual reality techniques and last but not least dissemination of data through the Internet. The Computing Archaeology for Understanding the Past conference in Ljubljana will be an event of paramount importance as it is the first opportunity to bring together these two groups for the purposes of dissemination and exchange of information on the application of information technology in the fields of collection, storage, analyses and presentation of archaeological data.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Ljubljana, Slovenia