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Immune system


This proposal is for two meetings that will cover different but complementary aspects of research into the ways in which specific immune responses to infectious agents are developed while pathological immune responses against self-antigens normally do not occur. Both meetings will cover certain basic aspects of the immune response such as interactions between the innate and adaptive response, triggering events in lymphocyte activation and cytokines and chemokines involved in the development and regulation of an integrated immune response.

Considerable advances are being made in understanding the ways in which the innate and adaptive arms of the immune response interact and impingue upon this ability of the body to discriminate between self and non-self. This is therefore a particularly timely point to hold conferences on this topic both with regard to increasing public and scientific awareness and understanding.

In the first meeting specific emphasis will be placed on the genetics and effectors mechanisms of autoimmune disease and factors influencing the expansion and maturation of cells of the immune system. A key objective of this conference series will be to bring together not only senior established research scientists but also younger scientists and researchers in an environment where open discussion of ideas and concepts can occur.

Conferences in this series will therefore bring together expertise from many areas of immunological research and provide a forum not only for fruitful interaction between scientists of all ages but also a broad training base for young researchers. The intimate nature of these conferences ensures that younger scientists have ready access to established workers in the field not only with regard to information and possible collaborations but also with regard to future research positions within the EU.

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