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7th International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications 10-15 September 2000, Paris, France


The International Conference on Nuclear Microprobe Technology and Applications is the 7th edition of a series of conferences that take place every two years. After 3 editions held in other continents, the ICNMTA 7 is scheduled in September 2000 in Paris. It will be co-organised by the three French laboratories involved in the development of analysis techniques based on nuclear microprobes (NMP): Laboratoire P. Süe, Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan and Laboratoire de Recherche des Musées de France. Based upon the interaction of low energy charged particles (proton or alpha), the NMP analysis shares the capability to quantitatively look within a sample. The fields of application covered by NMP techniques include biology and medicine, art and archaeology, material science, earth and planetary sciences, microelectronics, environment and pollution, botany. However, despite a large and constant progression in the number of facilities, the technique has been so far restricted to highly specialised groups.

European scientists need the support of this conference to promote their activity, disseminate the scientific information and find potential collaborations including industrial partnerships. This meeting will be the best crossover between specialists in the technique and potential users, both scientists and industrial partners. About 180 scientists representing 50 nuclear microprobe laboratories in 30 countries are expected to attend ICNMTA 2000. A third of the oral presentations will deal technological developments (ions microbeam, analysis techniques and data analysis). The remaining two-thirds of the papers will address specific applications to several disciplines. Fifteen lectures will be given by experts, issue from the few leading research groups covering the main sub-topics of the discipline. Emerging topics or original works will be also presented as technical invited papers, as far as possible by young researchers. Usually the proceedings of the ICNMTA series are published in Nucl. Instru. and Meth. in Phys. Res. and constitute high quality reference volumes for the analysts community.

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