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Bioflavonoïds and polyphenols in health and disease


The subject of the meeting is in relation with the quality of live and management of living resources: food, nutrition and health, this meeting deals with the role of bioflavonoïds and polyphenols contained in foods (vegetable, fruits) and beverages (Wine Tea Cider in the prevention of disease such as vascular disease neurological disorders and aging (Alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease), cancer. Different items will be developed: natural sources and bioavailability of polyphenols, chemical and biochemical reactions cell regulation and disease epidemiological evidence of health effects. The best specialists in this research area are invited. The meeting received the agreement of SFRR European committee to be the annual meeting of the SFRR European Region. (SFRR: Society for free Radical Research). The objective of this meeting is to better understand which benefit for health people would obtain by consuming polyphenols in diet (vegetable, fruit, wine, tea).

The role of these compounds is still controversial and scientific evidence are required to establish nutritional recommendation in order to prevent diseases such as cancer, cadiovascular disease and neurovegetative disorders. In relation with aging; one of the major problems for food nutrients such as polyphenols is their absorption and bioavailability. Numerous studies are carried out to determine the molecular and cellular role on polyphenols as natural antioxydants. Epidemiological studies on polyphenol consumption and health effects suggest that high amount of polyphenols in the diet may lower the mortality from coronary heart disease although many data are still controvertial. This meeting will contribute on advances in the field of quality of life in relation with nutritional aspects. This meeting will contribute to improve our knowledge on the role of nutrients such as flavonoïds and polyphenols in health-care. It will favour the exchange of information between scientists and health professionals to develop a preventive medicine based on optimal intakes of antioxidants. This meeting will also prime cooperative research projects between researchers from European community.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Dinard