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Euro Summer School: Sound-Flow Interactions


The school scientific content, sound and flow interactions, covers many of fundamental and applied research. The coupling between acoustic waves and flow motion is basically non linear. The sound propagation and generation is modified by the flow and the flow can also be modified by the sound. As a result, this problem is investigated in many different scientific communities, such as applied mathematics (resolution of non linear, coupled, partial differential equations), hydrodynamics (instabilities governed by an acoustical source), acoustics (sound propagation and scattering by complex flows, boundary layer control), low-temperature physics (superfluid measurements using second sound interactions), mechanical engineering (transducer development and signal processing techniques), environmental sciences (sound generation, characterisation of multiphase flow e.g. fogs) and medical sciences (blood flow).

The understanding of sound and flow interactions has made some remarkable progresses since the pioneering works of the Russian and British schools, in the '50s. In addition, the growing availability during the past 10 years of sophisticated computer/electronics/materials techniques, allows for the development of growing number of applications as well as the possibility to address new fundamental problems. It has now become necessary to gather the different communities in a tutorial form. This school will bring together worldwide specialists in order to present various aspects of the sound and flow interaction, share expertise and methodologies so as to promote cross fertilisation.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Cargese