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The silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor material is today proving, from intense scientific and industrial development, its potential to replace and outperform silicon in several or all the electronic devices for high-power, high frequency and high-temperature applications. Systems using a SiC technology will have new and yet unachieved performances, e.g. high power handling capacities, low losses allowing energy savings and reduced manufacturing costs. The SiC device market is forecast to increase to $200 million by 2005. Several European companies, such as ABB, Siemens, Thomsson, Ericsson, Okmetic, Aixtron, Epigress, InPact, SiCrystal, and Norton, have today R&D activities in SiC. To promote the interaction and co-operation between European researchers and between academic and industrial researchers two European conferences about SiC and related materials (ECSCRM) are planned, where world-leading scientists from USA, Japan and Europe and young European researcher are brought together to facilitate the spread of knowledge in this fast-growing area. The conferences will be held in September 2000 outside Erlangen, Germany and in September 2002 in Linköping, Sweden, with 250-300 participants.


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