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Neuropeptide Antagonists: From Molecular Biology to Receptors and Clinical Application - 10th Annual Meeting of the European Neuropeptide Club


Neuropeptides are a group of signalling molecules in the nervous system that are characterised by a common basic chemical (polypeptide) structure. The importance of these substances has been established during the past 30 years. European researchers have been pioneers of neuropeptide research. The recent developments in molecular biology of neuropeptide receptors and the first clinical trials with antagonists (e.g. substance P antagonists in depression and emesis ) have brought back neuropeptides as hot topic. Recent original papers in Science and New England Journal of Medicine, as well as several international reviews underline the importance of these recent developments.

Lectures on following topics shall be given by the distinguished scientists: - function of neuropeptides in the gut; - molecular biology of neuropeptide receptors; - functional neuroanatomy of neuropeptides in brain and neuropeptides in mental disease; - development of neuropeptide antagonists; - neuropeptides in pain and inflammation. Furthermore, free communications and posters preferably by young scientists are a major focus of this conference.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This event takes place in innsbruck


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