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Visions and Voices: Towards an understanding of diversity and the interrelations between technologies, environments, identities and global change.


The "Visions and Voices" conference in Manchester will bring together both young and internationally renowned researchers in anthropology working on the cross-cultural aspects of interrelations between people, technologies, environments, diverse cultural identities and current global changes.
With developments in ICTs, the global diversity of "Visions' and "Voices" has become a fact of everyday life for many people. The challenge for social researchers lies in being able to encompass the increasingly global scale at which processes affecting people's every day lives occurs, while maintaining an understanding those small scale everyday lives. The central aims of the event are:
- provide a forum for comparison of people's diverse current experiences and perceptions of these interrelations across Europe and other areas of the globe; - explore new methods being developed to research and analyse these interrelations; - further progress theoretical approaches for dealing with the interweaving of practical, lived experience with technological, environmental and political dynamics occurring on a much wider scale.
The conference content will consist of a series of 11small panels, and all 91participants will contribute to one of the panels, and will attend others. This will achieve a considerable level of 'cross-fertilisation' across the panels.
Each panel focuses on different aspects of these central aims:
- particular analytical, methodological and/or training issues: "Digital Sociality"; "Anthropological Methods at the Millenium"; "Made in Manchester: an existential anthropology of situations and interactions"; "Preparing Film Makers for the Future"; "The Anthropology of Politics and the Politics of Anthropology"
- particular topics and/or areas of the world: "Art, Architecture and Anthropology"; "The Embolied Politics of Objectification - Language and Technology"; "Postcolonial Subjectivities in Africa"; "Time, Navigation and the Visualisation of the Environment"

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Manchester

United Kingdom

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