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Second International Congress on Mismatch Negativity and its Clinical Applications


The Second International Congress on Mismatch Negativity and its Clinical Applications aims at creating a unique exchange forum to update the current state-of-the-art on the mismatch negativity (MMN) and related electric and magnetic brain responses. MMN, being elicited to any acoustic change in a sequence of repetitive stimulation, provides a unique physiological measure of sound discrimination accuracy, auditory sensory memory and involuntary attention in health and neurological and psychiatric disease. MMN appears as a promising tool for the prognosis of recovery from coma, to detect perceptual language dysfunction in children with developmental disorders (such as dysphasia or dyslexia), to assess the success of cochlear implants, and to monitor the development of cognitive brain functions in pre-term new-borns and in neuropediatric disorders.

During the Congress, an enriched atmosphere will be created for the most experienced researchers, working on the latest advances on the MMN and its clinical applications, to impart their knowledge and experience to the new generation of young researchers and clinicians. The Congress will review the most promising clinical applications of MMN and related basic research through four plenary lectures and six planned symposia. A tutorial on MMN, arranged in a goal-oriented, problem-solving approach will provide the participants with a complete overview on the practical issues concerning MMN recording. A round table on MMN clinical prospects and the poster session will offer the participants with a more informal atmosphere facilitating discussion and exchange of ideas. The Congress will be held at the University of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), in June 15-18-2000. To ensure that the new generation of researchers benefits from the advanced training offered by the Congress, participation of young researchers both at pre-and post-doctoral level will be encouraged with an extensive programme of attendance grants.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Barcelona