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The 2nd International Workshop "Advances in Energy Studies. Exploring Supplies, Contraints, and Strategies". Porto Venere, Italy, 23-27 May 2000


The 2nd International Workshop "Advances in Energy Studies" is being organized after the excellent results of its first edition in 1998, to bring together the world leading scientists in the diverse fields that collectively represent what has been termed "Biophysical Analysis". Leading scientists in the fields of Ecology, Energy Analysis and Ecological Economics are being invited to meet again at Porto Venere (Italy) during the last week of May, 2000, to further develop the search of a common ground in definitions of scales and boundaries, methods, policy initiatives and future research needs required to generate a more balanced pattern of humanity and environment. Such a workshop, to be held every other year, is much needed to rekindle interest and build critical mass in shifting societal attention once again toward policy debates concerning sustainable use of resources and energy and their relationship to the economies of humanity. Three main areas of interest have been identified (for more details, please refer to enclosed Form C): 1- supplies: development and evaluation of energy sources; 2- constraints: environmental, economic, and social; 3- strategies: policy and modelling tools.

The Workshop will aim at developing: a) Assessments of energy sources, for appropriate fitting of supply and use quality; b) System thinking, to link the dynamics of human societies and the dynamics of nature supporting them; c) Awareness of environmental and economic constraints, which limit the growth of human societies; d) Quantitative and qualitative decision-making tools to deal with uncertainty of dynamics as well as with contrasting Interests of Nations and individuals; e) A collaborative network of keynote scientists and young researchers, aiming at developing joint research activity and willing to share findings and unresolved problems.

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This event takes place in porto venere (la spezia)


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