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Molecular Biology and Physiology of Water and Solute Transport - Fundamental and Applied Aspects


The transport of water and small osmolytes across biological membranes is of fundamental importance for cellular and organismal osmoregulation. MIP channels, i.e aquaporin water channels and glyceroaquaporins, play central roles in water and solute transport in organisms ranging from bacteria to man and constitute a major potential in steering of osmoregulation in medicine, pharmacology and agrobiotechnology. The major objective of the MIP2000 conference is to discuss and thereby advance the state-of-the-art in the field of transport of water and osmolytes through MIP family channel proteins. For this, the leading academic and industrial researchers working on different aspect of MIP channel structure, function and regulation in micro-organisms, plants, animals and human will be brought together. This conference is a unique event since scientists from different disciplines such as biology, physiology, medicine, genetics and cellular and molecular biology working on very different biological systems will discuss their research around the common interest, i.e. water and solute channels. The multidisciplinary character of MIP2000 therefore provides young researchers whit a unique training opportunity both in breadth and depth.

MIP2000 will be organised by S.Hohmann and S.Nielsen around six sessions dealing respectively with: (1) structural and functional analysis of transmembrane water and glycerol channels (2) the physiology and pathophysiology of water transport in human (3) the functional and genetic analysis of aquaporins in human and model animal systems (4) the physiology, molecular biology and functional analysis of water and solute channels in plant systems (5) the occurrence, roel and function of MIP channels in micro-organisms and unconventional systems and (6) the regulation of MIP channel function. Each session will be introduced and guided by a world leader in the area and will contain additional presentations from established and young researchers.

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