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Frontier Detectors for Frontier Physics


The main objective of our Meeting is to provide participants and, through the publication of the Proceedings the whole scientific community, of a detailed overview of detector-making in High Energy Physics. The aim is to review the status of the art as well as the needs for future experiments. Over the years, detector development and fabrication split into quite specialised sectors. The conference is based on submitted papers (call for papers due in late summer 1999) and organised into plenary sessions (whether a presentation is oral or a poster is decided by the session organisers) in which the whole audience debates results and perspectives of the various aspects of the field. The programme covers solid state and gaseous tracking detectors, calorimeters, detectors (ground and space based) developed for astroparticle physics as well as for the search of gravitational waves. There are sessions dedicated to photon sensitive detectors as well as to results obtained in non-HEP areas (mainly in medicine) by detector developed for HEP use. Also a wide range of developments in electronics, with special emphasis to specialized electronics are reviewed. Last but not least a close interaction of participants with high-tech industries involved in detector development and commercialisation is not only encouraged but fostered. This is obtained both through an exhibition of products in stands available to Industry and, whenever appropriate, by dedicated presentations by industry representatives.

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