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The 12th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Device & ICs


The purpose of the symposium is to provide a forum for presentations and discussions on power semiconductor devices and ICs. This forum has grown in twelve years to become the largest in the field, and regularly draws therefore most technical contributors from industry and academia world-wide. ISPSD is held each year in different location, rotating between Europe, Asia, and North America. A large number of high quality contributed and invited papers will cover a broad range of state of the art topics over the four days of the Symposium. Most of the conference will consist of contributed oral presentations representing the most current work in the field. A poster session will also be included to provide expanded range of coverage of special topics of interest and to give opportunity for close interaction with authors as they discuss their work. Papers presented by students and based on their own work will be considered for the Best Student Paper Award.

The topics that will be covered are likely to include the following:
Material and processes: Crystal Growth, Doping, Lifetime Control, Passivation, Thick Film Metallization, Semiconductor Materials, Characterisation, CAD and Stimulation: Process, Device, Circuit, Thermal, Electrothermal, Electromechanical Aspects Device: Device Physics, Modelling, Characterization, Reliability, Fast Switching, High Frequency, Power, Discrete and Integrated Power, Monolithic and Hybrid: Technology, Isolation Techniques, Design, Smart Power IC's, high Voltage IC', Hybrid, Modules, Packaging: Thermal Management, Novel Techniques, Stress and Reliability, Electrothermal Cycling, Application: All discrete and integrated power areas, device design and optimisation for specific application.

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