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Leukemia animal models


New therapeutic approaches specifically target the molecular interactions and biochemical pathways that are changed in tumor cells. Animal models that either express human oncoproteins, or harbour human malignant cells are currently showing to be a great promise in providing a novel tool to study "in situ" hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis. The three workshops proposed will schematically concern, Animal Model Technology in Preleukemia (November 1999), Lymphoid disorders (November 2000) Myeloid disorders (November 2001). The presence of multidisciplinary groups will allow to define the hematopoietic disorders that raise a significant therapeutic goal to society (suggested by the clinicians in terms of frequency and/or lack of effective therapy) and for which significant biological markers are well known.

Keynote speakers will summarize insights in what is already known and what have been the findings and the problems. Technologies will be exchanged, discussed, improved and shared. Audience expertise will be incorporated in the discussions and in the subgroups. Indeed experienced researchers, clinicians and students as well as Biotechnology engineers or companies will discuss with the specialists the pros and cons of the presented data. These last interactive groups will allow defining strategies to standardize, exchange knowledge and material, provide training session etc.

Our concluding sessions will spotlight exciting new sensor technology and state-of-the-art tools. The workshop will take place at the Hospital Saint-Louis, in the North of Paris. This site is conveniently located not far major transportation. The first meeting on animal was held in Paris in November 1998 and the second meeting in the USA in January 1999. 80% of the participants of the meeting in Paris were European (UK, Italy, France, Belgium), compared to 10% in the American Meeting. These figures explain the importance of keeping such meetings in Europe. The first workshop in November 98 has already favoured the exchange in students and PhD, the exchange of transplantable cell lines, a functional network.

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