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Adaptive Hypermedia


This conference is intended as an inter-disciplinary exploration into adaptive hypertext and other kinds of flexible hypermedia systems (including but not limiting to Web-based systems). It aimed to draw together a number of research groups taking different approaches to adaptive and flexible hypertext systems, in order to promote the cross-fertilization of the ideas and highlight the prospects for future collaboration. The proposed conference builds upon and extends the scope of previous successful workshops held in conjunction with major international conferences. Time is coming now to bring together researchers on various aspects of adaptive system research in an event especially devoted to this topic. The conference will compass 3 main tracks, each on focussing on a particular topic in the field, and a parallel demo session.

Moreover, a special session will be devoted to short papers presented by young researchers where they could benefit from interaction, comments and discussion about their papers in a workshop-like environment with the leading scientists. Another special session will be organized as a panel with the keynote speakers of the conference and some leading persons from industry. The aim of this session is to let researchers understand the actual industry needs as well as to let CEOs understand the great impact that these technologies may have in their business.

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