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EURO Summer School on "Multi Criteria Decision Aid": Methods, applications and software


Any complex decisional problem requires to explicitly consider several (often conflicting) points of views. The classical approaches (utility theory, game theory, benefit-cost analysis, mathematical programming) consider only one objective function to maximise or minimise. Many multidimensional approaches have been proposed as extensions of the classical ones. The first is the so called Multicriteria Decision Making (MCDM), which consists from the mathematical point of view in "vector optimisation". More recently, Multicriteria Decision Aid (MCDA) has arisen as one of the most important research field in Operation Research (OR), owing to its applicability to real life decision problems. This is witnessed by the number of papers and international conferences on OR devoted to it; it has been one of the most rapidly growing areas of Operation Research, and in the most relevant recent international Conferences on Operation Research (as Euro Conferences).

Two events are organised within this meeting: I. Summer School on MCDA II. International Seminar 1- The main objectives of the Summer School are: - to offer appropriate MCDA critical knowledge to effectively approach decision problems; - to present a state of the art of the main MCDA methods and techniques; - to show the related software and its implementation; - to analyse and discuss some real life decisional problems (case studies);
2- The goal of the international seminar is to present both new approaches to multicriteria decision problems and the most recent results obtained in this field.

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Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Catania


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