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Body, Gender, Subjectivity, Crossing Disciplinary the Institutional Borders


This conference aims at inter-disciplinary appraisal of gender research in the thematic areas of bio-technologies and information technologies technologies. The conference will give equal attention to methodological and also to the socio-economic aspects of current gender research on technological culture. The framing concept is the definition of gender as a multi-layered notion that structures both the social and the symbolic differences between the sexes, but it is also takes into account the impact of ethnicity, race, religion and culture.

It thus emphasizes the importance of cultural diversities among women. The objectives of the conference are: 1) To provide a comprehensive and critical assessment of the state of the art of gender research in the selected thematic areas within the EU; 2) To develop the European dimension of gender research in the selected thematic areas. The priority given to cross-European perspectives aims at both balancing the uneven development of gender studies within the EU, especially along the North-Souht axis and to bring them in a dialogue with the mainstream research in the English language, especially in the USA; 3) To highlight the specific methodologies and the epistemological frameworks introduced by gender research in order to assess their innovative potantial and to translate them in terms are accessible to the wider scientific community; 4) To link the methodological and theoretical issues of gender research in the areas of technology to socio-economic issues related to women's access to and participation in today's technological societies. Considering the gender gap, which still exists in technology access, one of the state aims of this conference is to deepen the understanding of the factors that hinder women's access to citizenship and decision-making in the technological area; 5) To contribute to gender-aware policy-making in science and technology so as to facilitate women's increased participation in the designing of gender research and policies in these areas.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Bologna


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