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WASCON 2000 Science and Engineering of Recycling for Environmental Protection


WASCON 2000 is the 4th in a tri-annual series of International Conferences on the Science and Engineering of Recycling for Environmental Protection. A major role for scientists, engineers and young researchers in the new century will be the conservation of energy and the preservation of a sound and clean environment.

WASCON will seek to promote this objectives by:
1) The presentation of papers and provision of workshops;
2) Providing the opportunity for young researchers to attend the Conference by waiving the Conference, travel and accommodation costs, subject to EC funding. WASCON will bring together international experts and young researchers to present and discuss the most advanced methods available to avoid, or at least reduce, the possibilities of contamination and hazards, which could diminish the quality of the environment.

Conference topics are:
a) Engineering of Waste Utilisation - Novel or improved methods of waste utilisation;
b) Practice of Prime Materials Replacement - The use of secondary waste materials to produce engineering composites of equal value to those made from prime materials;
c) Control of Land Contamination - The control of pollution of land and water by reducing leaching, improving encasement and for cleaning contaminated land;
d) Modelling for long Term Environmental Impact Predictions - Dissemination of information and research on the use of goechemical and transport models to predict long term environmental impact;
e) Quality Assurance and Quality Control: Waste Product Re-use -Dissemination of information and research on QC;
f) Role of Legislation -Examination of energy legislation and its impact on the technology of waste utilisation. Impact of future practice and developments will be considered, corporate response to legislative control and change. A relevant exhibition will be staged.

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This event takes place in Harrogate

United Kingdom

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