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Physics Teacher Training in an Information Society


The PTTIS (Physics Teacher Training in an information Society) Conference has been proposed to contribute to the diffusion of recent scientific achievements in the field of Physics Education, and it is mainly focused in the research on Physics teacher's implementations when dealing with new technologies. A block of the researches presented have the aim to diffuse the results of a project funded by DGXII, STTIS, Science teacher Training in an information Society (contract ERB-SOE2-CT-2020). It is the objective of the coordinator and the partners of the project to establish a forum where the problems of physics Teachers training related to the implementation of innovations that come together with the information society can be discussed. The specific education that many Physics teachers have received has been focused on classical scientific and some psychological and educational contents, but it does not include any specific training that allow them to master technical devices or to use efficiently computer tools with students, specially at secondary school and higher education levels.

The information society provides us constantly with increasingly improved tool to do the most diverse tasks. However, the power and efficiency of these tools does not guarantee the knowledge of how to use them. Even more, the use of computer tool has proven to be not significant itself for an improvement of the learning to which they are intended. Other conditions become necessary.

To use computer tools in class implies: a) A knowledge of the tools: that is to become a good user and to have a mental model of its working process. This model allows to overcome any difficulties that may appear and to respond to any questions students may ask. b) A knowledge of how to teach the use of the tool to the students, that is:- To know the difficulties students may find when using the computer tool;- To adequately teach in order that all students are able to use these tools, considering the diversity of learning rhythms among students in the same class;- To know how the encourage pupils to construct themselves a mental operative model of the functioning of these tools.

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