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Euroconference on Electronic Properties of Novel Nanomaterials


We plan a series of three EuroConferences on electronic properties on novel nanostructures. These conferences will combine tutorial lectures giving an overview of important aspects of the field with latest research contributions both oral and by posters. This format will allow us to eventually cover the whole field by tutorials and to follow the latest developments. Novel Nanomaterials are synthetic structures like fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, vanadiumoxide rods and scrolls. They present a bottom-up approach to nanostructures - as opposed to bottom-down from lithography and etching. Synthetic nanostructures are expected to replace or complement silicon and III-V semiconductor microstructures, when scientific, technological, or economic reasons will cause silicon technology to fall behind the famous semiconductor roadmap.

Scientifically and from the technological point of view, cross fertilisation between semiconductor technology and molecular physics and synthetic chemistry will not only lead to new materials and application, but even help our understanding of very small silicon devices and push the limits of silicon technology further. But there are also immediate applications of novel nanomaterials, like light emitting devices for flat displays, nanoactuators ("artificial muscles") and nano-sensors.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Kirchberg Near Salzburg