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Advanced Techniques in Environmental Analytical Chemistry


Environmental protection is nowadays one of the most important issues addressed by Governments, National and International Organisations and Consumer Protection Institutes all over the world. The European Union shows its intention to protect human health and ecosystems without sacrificing modern societal needs. The protection of the environment requires a thorough knowledge on sources and fates of environmental contaminants. The use of modern instrumentation and advanced analytical methods enables scientists to detect pollutants in very low concentrations and identify the contaminated sites, so that they can make decisions and take action for their remediation. During the proposed course, the participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with the most updated instruments, they will be instructed how the whole analytical procedure has to be performed and how the obtained results have to be evaluated.

The course is based on the concept that theoretical information followed by practical training is the ideal combination for the best understanding of a subject. The theoretical part of each day will give information and the main guidelines for the analysis of the compounds in question. We should point out that during this particular course, the young scientists would be able to participate into a practical training, which is missing from most of the organised courses. The practical part will consist of the sampling, preparation, treatment & analysis of air, water and soil samples, for the presence of volatile & chlorinated hydrocarbons, PAHs, physicochemical variables, metals, organochlorine, organophosphorous and carbamate pesticides and triazines. The proposed lecturers have broad experience in teaching the subjects of interest for the course and, being still involved in laboratory studies, they will provide advice to the participants during the practical exercises. Also, the presence of leading scientists from all over Europe will promote the exchange of knowledge for the solution of environmental problems and the development of analytical methods. For all participants this will be a good prerequisite for future work in Europe without frontiers.

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