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Alhambra 2000: A joint Mathematical European-Arabic Conference.


Alhambra 2000: Joint Mathematical European-Arabic Conference arises within European Mathematical Society (EMS) as an opportunity to meet mathematicians from all European and Arabic cultures. The Spanish Royal Mathematical Society (RSME) offers its support and heads the organisation of this conference in Granada in collaboration with the Centre International de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (CIMPA). Spain has played a crucial part in the History of Mathematis during the Medieval period. It was a place where advanced Mathematics of the time, namely mathematics in Arabic language, was practised. It was also the place where various communities lived in good terms and worked together. This is reflected in their mathematical works as well as in the practical conditions under which translations into Latin could be made. In recent years, research on Arabic mathematics in general and research on the transmission of this Mathematics to the North until the 17th century in particular both made steady progress. Time may have come to attempt a synthesis and to consider the changes brought about in history of Mathematics by these important developments. Just to give an example, in recent years, R. Rshed has discussed how the originality of Descartes' work in geometry or of Fermat's work in number theory was now appearing, thanks to research on Arabic mathematics in a new light.

After UNESCO declared year 2000 as the World Mathematical Year (WMY 2000), EMS believes it is an appropriate opportunity to organise a symposium on History of Mathematics which could have the three following aims:
1. To attempt a global view of the role of Mediterranean school on the development of Mathematic;
2. To offer a synthesis of our recent knowledge on Arabic Mathematics and its transmission towards the North from the 12th till the 17th century onwards, with a special emphasis on the case of Spain;
3. To revise our understanding of originality of the Mathematics, which developed in Europe from the 13th century onwards.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Granada