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2001: A Speaker Odyssey - The Speaker Recognition Workshop


"2001: A Speaker Odyssey" workshop on automatic speaker recognition will take place in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, on 18-22 June, 2001. The workshop will bring together about 80 senior and young researchers, from academic and industrial institutions worldwide, to discuss recent advances in the field, and establish a common ground for continuing the research in the coming years. Automatic speaker recognition deals with methods to identify talkers based on their voice characteristics. This subject is of scientific and practical interest, and involves research techniques from various disciplines. This workshop follows two workshops conducted in Martigny, Switzerland and Avignon, France on 1994 and 1998. The rapid development of phone based services, and the increasing use of cellular telephony set new problems and challenges to the research in the field, and requires a re-examination of research tools and paradigms.

The workshop is organized by researchers from academy and industry and will focus on defining and coping with real world problems and data. The workshop program includes, in addition to keynote talks of leading researchers and presentations of peer-reviewed papers, the following unique highlights: Evaluation track - a first time experience in setting common standards and evaluating ideas. Participants will report results on a predefined task over a predefined database, collected especially for the workshop by NIST, USA. This track is especially attractive for students and young scientists, which can experience their algorithms in a well-defined scheme. Working group discussions - Special interest group meetings, which will focus on key aspects of the domain, (e.g. Databases & Corpora, scoring methods, classification techniques, forensics, industrial applications), and will define the major problems in research. Users session - Representatives of potential users of the technology, (e.g. banks, defense organizations, telephony networks), will define the problem, and set the research challenges from their point of view. New techniques session - Leading researchers from domains which are not traditionally used in the field, will be invited to present their techniques, in order to encourage participants to study the domains and apply them to the problems.

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