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8th International Conference on Flow Analysis, Warsaw 2000


The 8th International Conference on Flow Analysis is a next venue of a series of meetings moving between continents, recognised world-wide since 1979 as the premier forum for advances in flow methods of chemical analysis, which is one of the most efficient means for mechanisation and automation of analytical procedures for environmental, industrial, agriculture and clinical applications. The scientific programme will cover all methodologies of flow analysis including continuous monitoring for process and environmental needs, flow injection analysis, primarily developed for methods requiring the use of very small quantities of samples, sophisticated reagents and miniaturised instrumentation, and its newest version - sequential injection flow analysis.

Topics of scientific sessions will include theoretical aspects, the optimisation of performance of flow instrumentation and optimisation of analytical flow procedures, presentation of new developments in detection methods, biochemical detections based on enzyme sensors and immunosensing, miniaturisation of analytical flow systems. The separate session is planned for speciation and multi-detection in flow systems. Other topics include chemometrics and method for sample pre- treatment in flow conditions such as microwave digestion, dialysis, solid-phase extraction, and co-precipitation for trace analytes enrichment.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Warsaw


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