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Year 2000 European Mathematical Society Saint Flour Summer School On Probability Theory


The Saint-Flour Summer School on Probability Theory and Statistics is the most famous international school on this domain in the world. The first one was held in 1971, and there was one such school each year since. The year 2000 edition is a special one, since it is the thirstiest anniversary of the Saint-Flour Summer School, and the year 2000 is the International year of Mathematics. For this special edition, the Saint-Flour Summer School was labelled as Year 2000 Summer School of the European Mathematical Society.
This school is especially intended for PHD candidates and confirmed searchers in probability theory and applications, as well as researchers from banks, dealing with markets and option prices, and researchers from industry dealing with statistical physics.
This summer school, which lasts 17 days, is intended to provide: Three high level series of fifteen hours, giving a deep view of research in an advanced domain . Enabling European probability to meet, exchange and present their work in short lectures (40 lectures of 40 minutes each) . Facilitating exchanges between top level theoreticians and practitioners of probability theory and statistics and their applications in industry and finance.

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Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Saint-flour; Cantal