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5th Carolus Magnus Euro Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics


The Carolus Magnus Summer School is organised biannually by the three plasma physics research institutes of the Euregio including Belgium (Laboratory for Plasma Physics, ERM/KMS, Brussels), Nothrhine-Westphalia (Instjtut fuer Plasmaphysik, FZ Juelich) and The Netherlands (Instituut voor Plas- mafysica "Rijnhuizen", FOM, Nieuwegein). Its primary aim is to maintain, in this densely populated region, a pool of expertise in a research field - plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion - which, in view of the expected word wide increase of energy needs, can any expand once its environmental advantages (no greenhouse effect, no chain reaction, small amount of fuel in the installation at any time and minor radioactive wastes compared to fission) have been appreciated. The scientific and technological objective of the School is therefore to offer to the forthcoming generation of scientists and engineers an introduction, which is intended to be both thorough and multifacetted, into the research areas related to controlled fusion energy and high temperature plasma confinement in magnetic traps.

The School is also intented to bridge the gap between EU university education, where courses are seldom devoted to inhomogeneous confined plasmas and to the related technological problems (e.g. wall-plasma interaction), and research in fusion laboratories, where both experimental ( observed plasma behaviour; machine operation; diagnostics) and theoretical (analytical work; equilibrium, stability and transport codes) investigations are influenced by and have to account for the topological and engineering constraints inherent to the fusion devices. The lectures cover most major areas of controlled nuclear fusion research, with emphasis on the tokamak line: environmental aspects of fusion energy, ignition and burn criteria, operational limits, equilibrium, stability, confinement and heating of plasmas, numerical codes, wall plasma interaction and wall conditioning, diagnostics. Fusion research has been, since it was declassified at the end of the fifties, a truly international cooperative venture.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Bad Honnef (Near Bonn)