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2000 IEEE-INNS-ENNS International Joint Conference on Neural Networks


IJCNN2000 is the major worldwide international forum for researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in all theoretical, application, and industrial aspects of natural and artificial neural networks. This is the 2000 edition of a periodic meeting dating back to 1987. The 20 previous editions were organized annually or even twice a year (possibly as ICNN or WCNN): 15 times in the USA, twice in Japan and once in Singapore, P.R. of China, and Australia. Each edition attracted about 700 persons from all over the world. IJCNN2000 is organized by the most re-known and largest international scientific/technologic (non-profit) associations concerned with neural networks: IEEE NeuraI Network Council, INNS - International Neural Network Society, ENNS - European Neural Network Society, and the Japanese Neural Network Society. Further information are available at

The focus will be on the hottest topics in all areas of neural networks, e.g. computational intelligence, learning methods, cognitive neuroscience, neurosensors, neurodynamics, perception, hardware implementation, integrated circuits, software, cellular neural networks, associative memories, composite/hybrid systems, fuzzy neural systems, evolved neural systems, robotics, sensorimotor systems, medical systems, communications, economics and finance, power systems, manufacturing, signal processing, speech, hearing, image processing, machine vision, motion analysis, character recognition, pattern recognition, data analysis, system identification, time series analysis, prediction, forecasting, and control. The neural network technologies plays and will play a great role in the methodological scenario as one of the most flexible and adaptable solutions to tackle and solve complex problems for which an algorithmic approach is either difficult to be identified or complex to be described, while the solution is easily identifiable by examples. Many practical problems in different industrial, technological, and scientific areas greatly benefit and will benefit from the extensive use of these technologies to achieve innovative, advanced or better solutions.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Como