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International Conference on Intergranular and Interphase Boundaries in Materials


The main objective of the IIB-2001 Conference is to bring together researchers working in different areas of Interface Science, and to provide a forum for presenting the recent developments in these areas and for exchange of ideas. For the first time, the traditional IIB Conference topics of structure and properties of interfaces in inorganic crystalline materials will be complemented by the new , rapidly developing topics of hard/soft matter and inorganic/organic interfaces. In the traditional IIB sessions on atomic and electronic structure, and energy and kinetics of interfaces, special emphasise will be given to new experimental methods providing in-situ atomic resolution of interface structure and motion, and to first-principle theoretical methods for the description of the interface structure on the atomic and electronic levels.

Among the new subjects, the dynamics of polymer and biological interfaces and membranes and polymer/inorganic (polymer/metal) interfaces will be treated. Special attention will be addressed to the fascinating subject of biomineralization, the process by which living organisms form inorganic solids. Very frequently, these biominerals are formed at organic interface, and understanding of the interface structure and kinetics is of a high importance. To summarize, a balanced mixture of traditional and new subjects suggested for this conference will strongly promote the research in these strategically important, new interdisciplinary areas lying on the borderline between materials science and engineering, organic chemistry and biology.

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