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The coming of new technologies and materials, the evolution in calculation and experimental methods and the search for elegant shapes have brought into being a new generation of innovative constructions. Long span bridges, telecommunication towers, slender chimneys, antenna masts, skyscrapers, cable-supported structures, large roofing systems and complex industrial buildings realized, in construction or in project in all parts of the world are not only necessities of our times and our society, but often the symbols and the results of the scientific, technological and socio-economic progress of a city, a region or a country. In most cases the dominant properties are represented by slenderness, lightness and flexibility. Wind is the worst enemy of this kind of structure and thus represents the main action to be considered in their design to obtain the desired safe level.

The WIND-SCHOOL represents a new idea for a consistent progress towards the growth of a wide and consolidated culture dealing with wind actions and effects on structures. It focuses attention on basic concepts, physic phenomena, theoretical, numerical and experimental methods aimed at understanding and analysing the wind-excited and aero elastic vibrations of structures. General criteria are also illustrated to assess reliability and mitigate vibrations by suitable control devices. Specific examples of engineering applications are illustrated for a wide variety of reconstructions. The presence of lecturers recognized worldwide as leading authorities on the wind-excited and aero elastic vibrations of structures and a rigorous coordination of the WIND-SCHOOL will provide an organic, homogeneous and innovative outline of this topic at the maximum level. This should create a reference point for an advanced and systematic assessment of this matter and a guideline for regular Wind Engineering courses to be activated in European universities.

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