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EuroWorkshop on ADC Modelling and Testing


Analogue to Digital Converters (ADC) are the components affecting crucially the metrological properties of digital instruments Knowledge of the ADC error models and advanced testing methods is highly important to improve the quality of the measuring process. The objective of the proposed project is to organise two regular EuroWorkshops focused on ADC Modelling and Testing, which will be held in Vienna, (Austria) in Sept.2000 as a parallel event to the IMEKO World Congress and in Lisbon, (Portugal) in September 2001.

These EuroWorkshops will answer the following questions:
- What are the ways, how to test easily the A/D converting systems by the system integrators and end-users;
- How the proper ADC models allows to correct errors by the digital processing methods;
- How the actual ADC testing standards could be improved in accordance with the needs of the prospective customers of the technology.

Expected scientific outcomes of both workshops are:
- Easier specifications of ADC parameters and testing procedures convenient for the producers of digital measuring systems and system integrators of virtual instruments;
- Unique ADC error models covering systematic and stochastic errors and their implementation in the digital correction using dithering and over-sampling approach;
- Contribution to the new testing methods and their relation to standardised approaches;
- New structures of converters convenient for full customer circuit design. Besides mentioned scientific objectives, Workshops will act as a forum for academicians, researchers and engineers from industry utilise synergy of European centres focused on the essential problems concerning ADC metrology. The meeting will be aimed to outline main challenges of European industry in this area in order to solve them by the support of the proper European research programme. Both organising institutions are experienced in regional research collaboration and their practice could be enlarged on the European dimension.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Workshop
This Event Takes Place In Lisbon