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EuroWorkshop Current Epidemiological Evidence versus Experimental Data on Reproductive/Developmental Toxicity of Pesticides


This EWORK is aimed to explore the present state of art of epidemiological data on reproductive and/or developmental toxicity of pesticides on humans, and to assess their validity in the light of correspondence with relevant experimental data. It will contribute to the understanding of presumed role of pesticides for the increase in human reproductive health impairment, reported by epidemiologists and clinicians from several European countries the last decade. Review will be performed of the experimental data on reproductive and developmental toxicity of pesticides to identify compounds with a high potency, using criteria such as: severity of effects, low or comparable to real environmental levels effective dose levels, reproductive toxicity at dose levels without other types of systemic toxicity, effects on several steps of reproductive cycle, single exposure vs. chronic exposure effects, irreversibility of the effects.

The EWORK will contribute to: -the evaluation of the current guidelines for reproductive/developmental testing and risk characterization, especially the necessity for inclusions tests for endocrine disruption and sensitive endpoints for evaluation of effects of low dose levels; to assess the need for testing of generic pesticides for reproductive/developmental toxicity; -the elaboration of more relevant epidemiological study design with a detailed assessment of specificity, magnitude and timing of exposure; considerations will be given to possible impurities of pesticides as a source of contradiction between the different studies; -the initiation of similar studies in the associated countries; the EWORK will outline the principal objectives and methodology for the collaboration in the field of reproductive/developmental toxicity of pesticides between EU Members and Associated countries with different patterns of application and presumably different exposure of the population.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Workshop
This Event Takes Place In Sofia