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PhD EuroConference "Foundations of the Formal Sciences"


"Foundations of the Formal Sciences" is a series of interdisciplinary conferences in mathematics, philosophy, computer science and linguistics. The main goal is to re-establish the traditionally strong links between these areas of research that have been lost in the past decades. The talks of the conference will be addressed at a general audience, but their objective is to teach techniques and methods from the different parts of the Formal Sciences to researchers from other parts. The conference series began with FotFS I in Berlin (May 1999), which was a complete success. This conference managed to incite interdisciplinary joint work of the participants. We will publish refereed proceedings volumes for all conferences in the FotFS series. These volumes will not only serve as a reference for the conferences but are supposed to be reference works for future PhD students and people from other areas who want to learn the techniques from other parts of the Formal Sciences. The proceedings volume for FotFS I, edited by the coordinator of the present proposal and Florian Rudolph shows that this can be done with success.

Its successor conferences FotFS II and FotFS III will be addressing applications of Mathematical Logic in other subfields of the Formal Sciences: FotFS II will be called "Applications of Mathematical Logic in Philosophy and Linguistics". We invited speakers from all parts of the Formal Sciences to give a holistic view of how mathematical methods can improve our philosophical and technical understanding of language and scientific discourse, ranging from the theoretical level up to applications in language recognition software. The topic of FotFS III will be "Complexity in Mathematics and Computer Science". Here the main focus is the understanding of the fact that the different complexity hierarchies that are used in different subfields of the Formal Sciences, are emanations of the same idea, and that techniques and methods from one area may be used in other areas.


Type of Event: PhD Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Vienna