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The Euroworkshop on Statistical Modelling consists out of three small 4-days workshops, each focussing on one particular subtopic of Statistical Modelling. The workshops take place in Schloss Höhenried (Bernried, near Munich), a nicely located Bavarian castle. Statistical Modelling applies whenever information has to be drawn from Data. It is the core discipline of Data Mining, which is an impressively dynamic field of research nowadays. The Euroworkshop on Statistical Modelling with its three small workshops is supposed to justice to the dynamism, taking place in this area. Theoretical and technical developments in Statistical Modelling are frequently stimulated by Data coming from another areas of science.

As compensation, Statistical Models derived for these Data allow other scientist to profit from the new developments. Statistical Modelling must therefore be seen to a high degree as multidisciplinary science. The topics treated during the three workshops represent three of the most dynamic and blooming areas in the field of Statistical Modelling. The three topics are Mixed Models, Nonparametric Models and Model Diagnostics. The first two provide powerful, young and promising tools for Statistical Modelling; the latter is the logical conclusion in order to check the validity of a model. Each workshop is designed to have 5 Keynote Speakers and further contributed presentations.

The major focus is on open discussions and questions. The Keynote Speakers are asked by the Scientific Committee to stimulate these discussions. Participants do profit by getting a broad knowledge about the different specialised streams treated on the workshop. The last session of each workshop serves as résumé. A book project pursued by the members of the Scientific Committee provides a published report of the three workshops. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the book; cooperation among participants is promoted and desired, particularly between senior scientists and Young Researchers.

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