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Content archived on 2024-05-21

European Conference on Model Oriented Design and Analysis


The design of experiments (DOE) is a part of statistics that provides tools for efficient experimentation. Al- though the subject started in an agricultural context, it is nowadays being applied in many areas, both in science and in industry.
Due to increasing competition, DOE has become crucial for modern industry (for example the pharmaceutical industries), especially for product development. Moreover, the increased competition requires ever increasing efficiency in experimentation, thus necessitating new statistical designs. European industry still does not use DOE to the same extent as the Japanese and American industry. Its increased use in Europe would have a positive impact on employment.
Another emerging field of application is environmental statistics, where efficient spatial designs are needed to produce reliable results, since measurements are hard to obtain.
In addition to these applications of DOE, we are witnessing important scientific developments. In particular, new algebraic tools like Groebner bases and the tremendous increase in computing possibilities are leading to spectacular new results. It is thus important that European experts on DOE exchange new developments and emerging ideas to continuously refresh the scientific base of industrial applications.
MODA has become the world's leading gathering of experts on DOE to promote new research topics, joint studies and financial support for research in the area of DOE and related topics. The core group of MODA has a truly European dimension (including Central and Eastern Europe). Many members of the MODA group have close ties to industry. In order to stimulate the necessary exchange of ideas, the MODA group organises conferences. In order to maintain high quality, these conferences take place every third year. Furthermore, the meetings follow a strict format to ensure maximal exchange of information and stimulate personal contacts. Dissemination of scientific results is through published proceedings. An editorial committee referees all submitted papers. The proceedings are available before the conference takes place in order to stimulate discussions.

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