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XVI Polish Peptide Symposium


The conference planned for ca. 200 participants from various countries, is held every second year and organized by various universities in Poland. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the present achievements in peptide research and their potential application in pharmacology/medicine (peptidergic drugs), chemistry (synthesis including combinatorial synthesis, conformational studies, structure-activity-relationships) and physiology (new functions in drug addiction, pain and neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer, Parkinson). Preliminary topics include: Workshop: "Biomolecules - identification and function" Methodology for peptide synthesis Biological action of synthetic peptides Function of the endogenous peptides Round table discussion "Future perspectives of peptides" Poster sessions The official conference language will be English, and the meeting is organized under patronate of the Rectors of the Jagiellonian University. Our intention is to promote this meeting among younger scientists (ca. 50% of participants). An opportunity to have a direct contact with internationally recognized scientists and discussions in English gives a perfect chance for young researchers. The conference will have, for the first time, an interdisciplinary profile, gathering together chemists, biochemists, physicists, immunologists and pharmacologists.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This event takes place in jagiellonian university, krakow


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