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Evolution Equation 2000: applications to Physics, Industry, Life Sciences and Economics


The meeting "EVOLUTION EQUATION 2000: applications to Physics, Industry, Life Sciences and Economics" is the 7th of a series of conferences previously held in Trieste (1987), Delft (1989), Han-sur-Lesse(1991), Pisa (1994), Hiroshima (1996) and Bad Herrenalb (1998). The purpose of the conference is to bring together experts in the field of evolution equations in order to discuss the state of the art of the theory and the specific applications to different classes of problems arising from applications. The Conference is organized within the program of the C.I.R.M. (Centro internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica). Moreover it will be supported by the italian national center I.N.D.A.M. (Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica).

About 100 participants, mostly from European countries, will meet during a period of 5 days and will be focused on discussions concerning advanced research problems. So far about 50 invited speakers have accepted to participate. The following research areas, within the field of Evolution Equation Theory, will be represented in the Conference: Non-linear Evolution Equations; Operator Semigroup Theory; Stochastic Differential Equations; Problems arising from Mathematical Physics, Life Sciences, Economics. Participation of young researchers is encouraged and the objective of the proposal is to obtain the financial support for about 40 people, mostly postdoc young researchers from European Union, offering them the opportunity of presenting their work and also of meeting leading experts in the field to learn about current problems and future trends.

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This event takes place in Levico Terme (TRENTO)


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