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EuroConference on Robust Statistics 2001


Robust Statistics is extremely important for real data analysis because it can identify and handle data values not following the majority of the observations. Real data sets almost always include such "outliers", which can completely spoil classical statistical estimations. The aspect of Robustness has already been considered in many special fields of Statistics. However, there is need for further development, especially in modern statistical fields like Fuzzy Statistics, Neural Networks, Wavelets etc. Also the problem of dealing with huge data sets, which are common nowadays in practise, is a new challenge for Robust Statistics. The objective of this conference is to give a new impulse for the development and application of Robust Statistics.

Leading scientists, experienced researchers and practitioners as well as younger researchers will come together to exchange knowledge and to build up relationships. There are a lot of statistical conferences all over the world, some include the "special topic" Robust Statistics. However, there has never been an own conference on Robust Statistics. Such a conference will cause that the scientists working in that field, as well as practitioners can intensively learn from each other and strengthen their cooperation. The field of Robust Statistics was mainly developed by a group of scientists in Switzerland, which have split up all over the world. A first conference on Robust Statistics in Europe will bring these people and new research groups together, and Europe could again be established as the centre of Robust Statistics.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This event takes place in vorau, steiermark


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