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10th International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry


ICBIC meetings are a series of conferences, which was ideated by Ivano Bertini in 1983 to gather together scientists from all over the world working in the field of inorganic chemistry applied to biological systems. After the first edition held Florence, the success of these meetings, as well as the number of scientists dealing with biological inorganic chemistry, has steadily grown. The International Organizing Committee has decided to have back to Florence the 10th ICBIC. As in the tradition of these meetings, the scientific program is designed to cover all aspects of bioinorganic chemistry such as model chemistry, metalloproteins and metalloenzymes, DNA/RNA/nucleotides and metals, radicals and life, signal transduction, from the gene to ion uptake and release, metal-based drugs, environmental biotechnology.

Particular attention will also be devoted to the physical methods of interest to this discipline. As a sign of innovation with respect to the past, the "Neon Jubilee" edition of the International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry aims at framing all the various aspects of the research in the new field of post-genomic research. The availability of the complete genome of an increasing number of organisms is indeed deeply influencing the approach of those working in the field of biological sciences. The short-term benefits expected from post-genomic research will be a deeper understanding of processes at the basis of life. On the long run results from post-genomic research are expected to contribute to drug-design, selective and harmless therapeutic strategies, to diagnosis of genetic disease and cure of tumours. Bioinorganic chemistry is expected to have a fundamental role in this future development of science and special sessions at the conference will be explicitly devoted to the perspectives of the discipline.

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