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EuroLabCourse in Paleoseismology


The principal objectives of this Eurolabcourse are to diffuse also in the Mediterranean area the basis of high-level Paleoseismology and to form skilled young scientists that could start the development of paleoseismological programs in their home-country as a contribution to a modern assessment of seismic hazard. Paleoseismology, that is the geological study of earthquakes of the past (paleoearthquakes) is a very powerful young discipline, that allows a better understanding of seismic hazard.

By recognising and dating the geological records of paleoearthquakes, paleoseismology allows scientists to: 1. extend back up to several millennia the catalogues of seismicity generally based on historical and instrumental data covering a shorter time window, 2. link large historical earthquakes to their causative faults, 3. have a longer time window on the seismic cycle, and 4. have a better perspective of the seismicity and hazard of a region.

Because of the lack in the European universities of educational programs in paleoseismology, this course provides a unique opportunity to the participants to be directly exposed to principles of paleoseismology and to benefit of a hands-on experience on the development of a full field and lab paleoseismology project assisted by an international team of experts. This course is multidisciplinary because it comprises the different disciplines that contribute to paleoseismology as well as to seismic hazard assessment. Participation is open to young scientists trained in earthquake geology, active tectonics, quaternary geology, and geomorphology. Priority will be given to those from Europe and broad Mediterranean area. Lecturers and instructors are European and international experts. Besides the main organisers, this training course is sponsored also by International Lithosphere Program (ILP), Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN), and Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radioactivos S.A. (ENRESA).

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Lab Course
This Event Takes Place In Cambrils (Tarragona)