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Combinatorics and Graph Theory: Algebraic, Algorithmic, Geometric And Probabilistic aspects


The object of the project is to provide a short meeting at the highest level covering several specific areas in Combinatorics and Graph Theory. The Conference is intended to focus in the Algorithmic, Algebraic, Geometric and Probabilistic aspects of Combinatorics including their applications to other areas of Computer Science and Engineering. Some particular fields of application will be particularly stressed, including communications, computer graphics, criptography, chemistry, interconnection net- works, mobile communications or parallel computation, in both, theoretical and computational aspects.

According to the scientific personality of the invited speakers, the Conference will concentrate on the following aspects: a) Methods from Higher Algebra, including recent developments related to the Tutte Polynomial, and the Polynomial method, b) Methods from Linear Algebra, including spectral analysis of graphs, strongly regular graphs and association schemes, c) Combinatorial Number Theory, including recent advances in the Structure Theory of Set Addition, d) Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, including recent developments in Geometric Discrepancy Theory, e) Combinatorial Enume- ration. The topic of combinatorial enumeration is perhaps the most fundamental aspects of combinatorics and that with the longest tradition, f) Probabilistic methods in combinatorics, including the analysis of combinatorial structures and algorithms through randomness. The Conference is also intended to host the annual meeting of researchers at the European level in the area promoted by European consortium DIMATIA; Center for Discrete Mathematics, Computer Scien- ce and Applications. The Conference will be followed by a special semester on Combinatorics held at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, where the Conference takes place.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Bellaterra (Barcelona)