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Nwc 2001


Neuronal loss and injury is one of the major problems in current neurology. There is an urgent need for therapies that are currently not yet available. However, modern molecular neuroscience has recently led to exciting new insight into mechanisms that are involved in neuronal cell death. Therefore, a special training of promising young scientists in the field should have a major impact on the development of science in this field towards new therapies.

The discovery of new mechanisms and molecules that are involved in neuronal development, differentiation, cell death as well as degeneration and regeneration has tremendously emerged in recent years. A variety of new hypotheses is currently under investigation with impact on the development of new therapeutic strategies in treating injury of the nervous system. This conference on "Cellular And Molecular Responses During Degeneration And Repair" shall represent an expert summit and train young scientists in one of the most important rapidly developing fields in neuroscience. The scientific originality is ensured by the participation of the leading scientist.


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