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10th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes


Phototrophic prokaryotes is the study of process and mechanisms related to the metabolism and the role of microorganisms in the biosphere. It is a multidisciplinary matter closely related to biochemistry, biophysics, limnology and ecology in their basic aspects, and to environmental sciences, medicine, and agriculture in their applications. There is an international steering committee of the photosynthetic prokaryotes with a balanced representation of the different countries. The Committee is in charge of looking for the host country- and the scientific responsible for each edition of the meeting.

The objectives of the l0th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes (ISPP2000) are: (a) to provide with a forum to present the current research and recent advances of the field, (b) to facilitate the scientific exchange among colleagues and among experts and young researchers, (c) to promote the leadership of European research in the field.

To achieve these objectives, the organisers will provide with the necessary help and information to young researchers. Attention is also paid to promote the attendance of the scientists all over the world. ISPP2000 contents are been carefully selected to cover the most relevant aspects of the field: DIVERSITY (Biodiversity of Antarctic cyanobacteria; Discoveries of new filamentous anoxigenic phototrophs). GENOMICS (Gene regulation and sequencing; Bioactive compounds). ECOLOGY, COMMUNITY STRUCTURE (Interactions between sulfur bacteria; Antioxidants and plasmids as survival factors). PHYSIOLOGY AND METABOLISM (Novel control mechanism in cyanobacteria). GENETIC REGULATION (Gene expression; Molecular mechanisms and environmental sensing cyanobacteria). PHOTOSYNTHETIC APPARATUS (Molecular evolution; New strains of purple bacteria). BIOENERGETICS AND ELECTRON TRANSPORT (Structure and function of respiratory chain in photosynthesis; Protein biogenesis in cyanobacteria). BEHAVIORAL RESPONSES (Environmental regulation). TOXINS. (Cyanotoxins; Cyanobacterial hepatoxins in reservoirs). APPLIED ASPECTS (Nitrogen fixation; Biotechnological potential of phototrophic bacteria).


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Barcelona