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PhD Euroconference on Similarities and Universality in Relativistic Flows.


This PhD Euroconference aims at advancing the understanding of the similarities among the different classes of objects exhibiting relativistic motions in the Universe. These objects include active galactic nuclei (AGN), microquasars, and gamma ray bursts (GRB). A universal scheme for all these classes of objects involves accretion of matter onto a black hole and ejection in collimated flows with speeds approaching the speed of light. In all these classes of objects particles are accelerated up to very high energies and radiate this energy away mainly through synchrotron and inverse Compton emission. Many of the open questions in these fields of research, such as the mechanism responsible for the formation and collimation of the relativistic flows, the connection of accretion to ejection, the matter content of the flows (electron-positron or electron-proton), are maturing due to recent and anticipated observational breakthroughs, a major fraction of which is taking place in Europe (e.g. the X-ray and optical afterglows of GRBs).

The continuing observational and theoretical advances make the study of these objects timely. Traditionally these studies have been class-oriented, despite the observed similarities and the common physical mechanisms involved. This conference brings together a distinguished group of invited speakers, leading young scientists in the fields, and young participants across these field boundaries, with the goal of advancing a global understanding of relatistic objects The program of the event is actively promoting the interaction and exchange of ideas and methods between observers in different classes of objects and theorists studying a wide range of processes, from particle acceleration and radiation mechanisms to simulations of relativistic flows.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: PhD Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Mykonos