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International Workshop on Computational Condensed Matter Physics: Total Energy and Force Methods


European scientists have always been at the leading edge of the scientific revolution deter- mined by the systematic exploitation of computer simulations in condensed-matter physics and materials science. The main forum where the developments in this field have been voiced and discussed-and where in some cases they were born-is the series of international workshops on Computational Condensed Matter Physics: Total Energy and Force Methods-TOTAL ENERGY for short-established in the early eighties. These workshops are traditionally focused onto the sub field of atomistic simulations performed using electronic-structure techniques (mainly, but not uniquely, Density Functional Theory). The workshop is organized every other (odd) year in January and-now being at its 10th edition-it has become the reference point for the electronic-structure community in Europe, and in the world.

The growing impact that computer simulations are having in materials science outside the restricted community of traditional practitioners requires a certain reconsideration of the format and scope of the TOTAL ENERGY meetings. These meetings are traditionally focused on methodological aspects, and their format is typical of a workshop among specialists, with ample space for discussion and personal interactions. Both the methodological focus and informal format will be maintained, but the attendance will be considerably broadened to scientists with different backgrounds, so that researchers active in thematic areas (such as e.g. biology, chemistry, geo-sciences, or applied materials science) may be informed of the opportunities offered by the latest methodological developments. As a feed- back, these scientists would provide theorists and computational physicists a hint on the hottest applications, which require further methodological advancements.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Trieste