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Electromagnetic Crystal Structures


Electromagnetic crystal structures are a topic of great activity worldwide. The field offers challenges on the basic scientific level as well as on the marketplace level, and both established and start-up companies are already getting products to the market. The first conference in this particular series will, in fact, be the third event in a very loosely connected world series, following Laguna Beach, CA, in January 1999 and Sendai, Japan, March 2000. While it is essential to hold a sequel in order to transfer the recent worldwide progress to a majority of European attendees, it will also be crucial to establish a European series that reinforces the European presence in a strategic scientific and technological field.
Therefore, the proposed workshop is aimed at providing a European-based forum to disseminate the latest results, with the following objectives:
1) Bring together the key players in the field to review progress and update the community about the latest developments; 2) Discuss the most pressing problems in formal and informal sessions in order to create a synergy between the participants that will give rise to new solutions; 3) Strike a chord between fundamental and applied researchers to inform one another about possibilities, requirements and bottlenecks. Highlight the challenges from the perspective of industrial needs; 4) Support the upcoming generation of young scientists in their quest for knowledge, understanding and guidance, and introduce them to their peers.
We will be defining the direction of the field for the next few years, providing a comprehensive international review of progress in all aspects of both photonic and microwave crystal concepts whilst taking particular note of progress in the application of photonic crystal concepts to integrated optics. The session topics include Photonic systems, nanostructured light emitters. 3D electromagnetic crystals at optical and microwave frequencies, Rf & Microwave applications, and, finally, new physics and concepts. There will be a balanced mix of keynote, invited and contributed presentations from both academic and industrial speakers. Ample time (30%) has been left for poster discussions as well as structured and unstructured discussion sessions. This format allows all delegates to fully explore the themes-of-the-day and the contentions issues of the future.

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