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Algebra and Discrete Mathematics


In algebra and independently in model theory, researchers developed over the last two decades two notions of classification and their natural relatives towards non-classification. The main object of this meeting will be a close analysis of these streams of research and their unifying elements and interesting differences.
In algebra this kind of (non-) classification results are most developed in representation theory leading to the well -known notions of wild, tame, domestic and finite representation type. In abelian groups and modules, non-classification is related with endo-wild classes while classification often refers to equality up to quasi- or near-isomorphism. Similar effects have also been developed recently in group theory related to infinite Jordan groups.
Generally, in algebra we may face here also undecidability and independence results. Model theorists, led by the Jerusalem school, succeeded in describing classifications of models by means of their internal structure. Currently, this has strong impact in algebra.
It is highly interesting to compare these different approaches in an audience of state-of -the-art European experts in order to achieve further advancements.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This event takes place in hattingen (near essen)


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